Investing at the inflection point

We help founders envision a more sustainable world by enabling them to unlock the full potential of transformative technology in traditional industries.
Investing at the inflection point

Do more with less.

A philosophy for what we do.

The economy has grown in lockstep with emissions and environmental impact. But the world is changing and with it the opportunities to break the link between consumption and growth.


We believe we can do more for the world, do more to change how industries operate, do more to shift how we think of sustainability and do more for the teams and companies we partner with.


We’ve been entrepreneurs, founders, engineers and have seen what it takes to grow companies with the capability to change how the world and society lives and works.

Every member of our team brings something to the table. We bring our collective power to every relationship, forging collaborative partnerships that value curiosity, transparency and conviction.


We strive to be an enduring partner, offering insight and intelligence to help teams navigate complexity and make the right decisions. Our deep sector expertise and years of climate tech experience supports ambitious goals and groundbreaking actions.


At G2 Venture Partners, we help you do more with less.

The G2 Venture Partners difference

Founding story

Founding story

Ben Kortlang, Brook Porter, David Mount, and Daniel Oros founded G2 Venture Partners in 2016, while working together as Senior Partners at Kleiner Perkins’ Green Growth Fund. They each bring to G2 over a decade of investing and entrepreneurial experience in growth equity, venture capital and technology.